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Athena in Blue 
This blue dress was inspired by the goddess of wisdom - Athena. The asymmetrical dress shows off both her power and her feminine side. Her power is represented by the dark blue armor like side, and her femininity is represented by the light blue flowery skirt, with half the bodice and sleeve.*

I will use all the donations towards my journey in becoming a professional fashion designer.

7/18/2013: How is everyone cooling off this summer?
5/4/2013: It has been a very hot spring! Looking forward to the slight cool down tomorrow!
3/25/2013: Get ready for a Spring/Summer of floral print everywhere!!
3/20/2013: Spring is here! What to you think will be the next Spring/summer dress trend? Last year it was lace dresses!
9/18/2011: My current project
9/3/2011: about to start working on putting together a dress
8/24/2011: Looking forward to seeing some back to school fashion at college!
8/19/2011: Loved Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's dresses at TCA!
7/7/2011: The more "you" you put into something the more people tend to like/connect with it
6/16/2011: Working on a design for Friday :D
6/11/2011: Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, new design is now up!
6/8/2011: Our website is now public! :D Feel free to write me some feedback, become a fan on facebook and follow me on twitter!
6/7/2011: Our fashion cat has his model face on
6/7/2011: Had a dream about this pattern I made... This means I must finally use it in my designs!
6/7/2011: Made my figure skating friend a double layer practice skirt, it's a work in progress
6/3/2011: Designing a figure skating dress for a program to Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
6/2/2011: This winter weather during summer is making me want to design winter/fall clothes
6/1/2011: Working on a new fashion theme... I'm thinking leopard spots :D
6/7/2011 by Eleana: I like how you added the "feminine" accent in this dress.
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