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Criss Cross Outfit 
This outfit consists of a blue off the shoulder shirt with an intricate detail on the sleeves, a pastel yellow and green corset, a blue denim short skirt, fishnet stockings and gloves and is completed with matching blue boots.

I will use all the donations towards my journey in becoming a professional fashion designer.

7/18/2013: How is everyone cooling off this summer?
5/4/2013: It has been a very hot spring! Looking forward to the slight cool down tomorrow!
3/25/2013: Get ready for a Spring/Summer of floral print everywhere!!
3/20/2013: Spring is here! What to you think will be the next Spring/summer dress trend? Last year it was lace dresses!
9/18/2011: My current project
9/3/2011: about to start working on putting together a dress
8/24/2011: Looking forward to seeing some back to school fashion at college!
8/19/2011: Loved Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's dresses at TCA!
7/7/2011: The more "you" you put into something the more people tend to like/connect with it
6/16/2011: Working on a design for Friday :D
6/11/2011: Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, new design is now up!
6/8/2011: Our website is now public! :D Feel free to write me some feedback, become a fan on facebook and follow me on twitter!
6/7/2011: Our fashion cat has his model face on
6/7/2011: Had a dream about this pattern I made... This means I must finally use it in my designs!
6/7/2011: Made my figure skating friend a double layer practice skirt, it's a work in progress
6/3/2011: Designing a figure skating dress for a program to Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
6/2/2011: This winter weather during summer is making me want to design winter/fall clothes
6/1/2011: Working on a new fashion theme... I'm thinking leopard spots :D
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